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Types of Containers

Conventional Containers

These are the containers you see everywhere. The 20’ standard, 40’ standard and 40’ high cube containers. The shipping lines use these for the vast majority of goods that are moved around by ship. These containers are used anywhere from 8-14 years before they are sold in the used market. That means we can get them in both “new”/one-trip condition or used, after the shipping lines are done with them. Check our pages on each of these containers for more information. 

Specialty Sizes

Sometimes the regular sizes don’t fit what you need. Enter the less common sizes. 10’ containers, which come over as two 10’s stuck together as 20’ container, 20’ high cubes and 45’ containers are two uncommon sizes that we can offer. You can also read more about the difference between standard and high cube heights on our high cube page. Check out our pages on each for more information.

Specialty Configurations

Containers come in different configurations as well – that open on the side or roof. You can read more about the variety of open-side containers available on our open-side page. Read more about our open-top containers with removable tarps. Hard-top containers have removable metal roof. These configurations are only available in one-trip/”new” condition because they are not used by the shipping lines for general freight. Also, they may only be available in limited cities.

Modifications Available

Didn’t see what you wanted, but do you have something in mind? Why not have us make it for you? We customize containers to fit your needs. We can change the length of the container, add a cap on top to make it taller, or even make it narrower if need be. We can also add on any modifications in terms of doors, windows, openings, HVAC, electric, insulation, flooring, and wall materials to suit whatever your project needs are. Call us today to discuss what you have in mind. 

Find a Container That Fits You