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Double Door Container

Containers with doors on both ends are only available in one-trip/”new” condition. Containers with doors on both ends, or double-door containers, are not used for general shipping.

Most shipping is done by having the container butt up to a dock to be emptied, so there isn’t a practical use for that set of doors on the other end. However, we can get double door containers in 20’ standard and 40’ high cube configurations.

We get those in many markets, but availability will vary as well as pricing. In general, it is 40’ standard double doors are less common. Most specialty containers do not come in double-door options. The only exception to that is 20’ high cubes. Even then, those are very, very rare.

2 - 40' high cube double door containers - "Rear" end is the end that is not bolted shut
20' double door inside see bolted door
40' high cube double door from the set of doors looking at the non-bolted doors
2 - 40' high cube double door containers stacked showing which end to pick up
2 - 40' high cube double door containers - note they say which end is bolted shut
2 - 40' high cube double door containers - stacked in container depot
40' high cube double door container - the bolted door is the end that has the reinforced flooring
40’ high cube container double door from the inside - one set of doors are bolted shut when shipped over from China
CDDU9827290-1 Double+Door+20+inside CDDU9827290+-+Another+inside+picture-1 CDDU9827290+-+end+that+is+still+bolted+shut-1 CDDU9827290+-+40+side-1 CDDU9827290+-+One+side-1 CDDU9827290+-+standing+about+halfway+in+container CDDU9827290+-+Inside+of+doors+that+are+still+bolted+shut

Didn’t see what you wanted, but you have something in mind? Why not have us make it for you?

We customize containers to fit your needs. We can change the length of the container, add a cap on top to make it taller, or even make it narrower if need be. We can also add on any modifications in terms of doors, windows, openings, HVAC, electric, insulation, flooring, and wall materials to suit whatever your project needs are. Call us today to discuss what you have in mind.