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Container Uses

Containers have a ton of uses. Really, you are only limited by your imagination. Some common uses of containers are:

  • Everything can be kept safe and dry in a container. They were made for general storage, making them an easy option for extra inventory, documents, household goods, equipment, etc.

  • Containers make great workshops and work spaces. They can be set down wherever you need them.

  • Food trucks and restaurants are finding their way into containers as well.

  • Retail space is more fun in a container.

  • Turn your container into a living space. A cabin, a home, a guest house. Even a stand-alone hotel room made out of a Super Cube container. LightHotel—A Tiny Container Home Vacation

  • Our modification kits help you turn your container into your own creation.

  • The industrial uses are endless. Put your equipment in a container and you can ship it to your customer anywhere. Insulate your container and it can provide room-temperature housing for anything. The best part—we can do those modifications for you so it comes ready for you to do your equipment.

  • Exporting is obviously a snap with containers.

  • Explore the arts in a container. Container galleries are popping up here and there, but our favorite use for containers is the arts—The Container Globe Theater (made using Super Cube containers).

Container Shed - A customer converted a 20' container into a charming shed
Farming Storage - A farmer connected a container to his shed for additional storage
Container office or cabin—easy to move around to where it is needed
Concession Stand - Window open on a concession stand
Container Bar - Bar area made from cutting apart a red container
Wall Decor - container walls were cut out and used to decorate a restaurant
Retail Space - 20' open-side containers converted to a retail space
Stand-alone 20' Hotel Room - local architect converted a container into a stand-alone hotel room
Container Home - 8 containers on the foundation for a home
Container Home Complete - the same 8 containers after completion
Container Home - 7 containers
container-home-construction (1)
Container Home (Upright Container) - the 7th container is being used as a stairwell
Container Home (9 Containers) - Shell of home
Container Home (3 Containers) - home with deck platform
Fire Training - moveable walls which enable different courses each time
Fire Training - doors, windows, additional floors are all possible and used for fire training
Projected look of the inside of Container Globe Theater
Projected Globe Theater
Industrial Modifications - precision modifications to house equipment
Industrial Container Modifications - containers provide housing for a variety of industrial needs
Container Mural Contest Winner - a solar farm had local high-schoolers compete for the best mural design for their container.
Shrimp Farm (In Progress) - we modified containers for a shrimp farm in Las Vegas
Shrimp Farm (Complete) - after our client finished the shrimp farm in Las Vegas
Container-shed Farming-storage Office---cabin Concession-Stand-open Container-bar Container-food-service Retail-space Stand-alone-hotel-room Smithey-House---before Smithey-Outside-painting Container-home-snow container-home-construction (1) Container-house Karwas-house Fire-training---changable-inside Fire-training Container-Globe-stage-without-pillars Globe-view-of-Stage-from-the-Yard Industrial-mods Industrial-uses Solar-farm Shrimp-farm-before Shrimp-farm-in-use

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