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Make Your Container Your Own

Custom modifications that arrive all ready to go, DIY, or somewhere in between? We have you covered.

Super Cubes can help you modify your shipping container at one of our shops that are throughout the United States. From adding a basic door into the container to converting it into a multi-container project, Super cubes can help. We can also help our industrial customers with specialized custom modifications to fit their particular needs. 

Are you thinking about a container home? We can help you from only providing the container, to cutting and framing the container and much more. Check out our Container Homes page for a good starting point.

For do-it-yourself-ers, we have you covered. Super cubes has DIY kits so you can add in doors, windows, HVAC, partitions, and more to make your container work for you just the way you want. Our kits come with framing and all the parts necessary to modify them at your site. Adding them is easy as long as you can cut and weld. 

Custom Modifications

Container Homes

DIY Kits & Pricing

Find a Container That Fits You