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Custom Modifications

From super basic modifications to precision industrial modifications, we have you covered. We can add in just about anything you need to your container.


Basic Custom Modifications

If you just need the basics, we have you covered. We have doors of all kinds, windows, concession window/awnings, partitions, insulation, platforms and so much more! With shops in various cities throughout the US, we can convert your container to whatever you need. Maybe you want to pop in a mod of your own and just the opening cut and framed, we have you covered.

Insulated Container Projects

Are you looking for something a little more complicated? Need insulation, some HVAC, but still trying to keep it simple, we can do that too. We can stud and insulate your container for you. If you are looking to add in doors and other additions into the wall, this is the easiest way to do it. We modify your container, then stud and insulate to fit your needs. If you need electric work, we can do that too before covering it all up with whatever wall material you choose. So, if you need an office or just a place that keeps your inventory at a relatively level temperature, we can make it happen for you.

Find a Container That Fits You

Industrial Modifications/Precision Modifications

You make an awesome product or provide a stellar service. Only it needs to be on the go. Enter the industrial container modification. Containers are a great way to house your equipment in a temperature-controlled environment that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Or just down the street if that is all you need.

Projects of this sort generally are companies creating equipment or assembling a variety of types of equipment in one place for their client. Space is at an absolute premium and everything must fit together perfectly. We work with you to make sure we have absolutely everything you need exactly where you need it. Specific doors, HVAC systems, electric and other components are set up so when your team gets the container they can jump right in and get going.

While these projects generally do not look the most thrilling in a series of pictures, the best part is how your customer looks when you have provided your know-how in an easy-to-use, easy-to-move container solution.