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DIY Kits & Pricing

You are handy. You have a vision. You just need a container and your welder. You are ready for our modification kits. We have kits that fit into the corrugation of container walls which makes modifying your container easy.

What Type of Pre-Made Shipping Container Kits are available?

1. Doors. We have three styles of doors—man doors, roll-up doors and barn doors. Our man doors come in 3' and 4' wide. We have optional panic bars if you need them. Roll-up doors come 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9' and 10' wide. Our barn doors are custom made to meet your needs. They can slide to one side or the other or meet in the middle. Barn doors go floor to ceiling. 

2. Windows. We have 3'x3' windows4'x3' windows (both with sliders and a screen), skylights and concession windows. We can help you figure out what are the right options for your needs. Let in light, air and maybe even money (through a concession window)!

3. Venting and AC. Venting and AC are a snap. We have fixed open louvered vents and turbine vents if you want to circulate some air around your container. If you are looking to heat or cool the air you have, we have a heat/AC unit that comes with a cage for extra safety.

4. Partitions and Ends. Split up your container with a partition. If you need total separate spaces, we have steel partitions and if you are making an office or other space, we have partitions with doors in them. If you are cutting your container into sections or need to replace an end, we have those too.

5. Ramps, platforms and railings. We don’t stop inside the container. We have platforms and railings for on top of them. You pick the size platform and what material you want it made from—metal grate, wood, etc. and if you want railings and we can help you out. We have stairs and ladders to get up there too. We have ramps for rolling into your container as well.

Find a Container That Fits You

DIY Kits

Please find information and pricing for our kits below. 

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