We have all watched in horror the reports about the earthquake disaster in Haiti.  We all certainly feel helpless in such situations.  Our hearts go out so many people suffering and the enormous task of providing medical and other humanitarian aid to so many people in need.  It can leave us all feeling like there is little we can do to make a difference.  That is where Bright Hope International comes in. Bright Hope International has been committed to helping Haiti over the past 15 years.  When the earthquake hit, they were engaged with their Hope4Haiti program which brings hope to children and families in Pignon, Haiti, by providing food and school supplies as well as microloan and job skills programs.  That was before the earthquake.

Now they are working with their partners in the U.S. and Haiti to send relief supplies to Haiti, including their MedPacks – packages of medical supplies, clothes, blankets food and water.  They are currently filling cargo containers with these supplies and sending them to Haiti.  For more information, please visit their website:  www.BrightHope.org .  If you are in the Chicago area, they have various volunteer opportunities, but they are also seeking donations from across the country.

When disasters like this hit, it is sometimes hard to know how to help out.  Bright Hope International makes it easy to know that you are directly helping people in need. Super Cubes has been lucky to be able to assist this worthy agency in obtaining containers. Your donation can help fill them.

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