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Find the Right Lock for your Shipping Container

If you are using a shipping container for storage, it's likely that you have valuable items inside. Properly locking your container to ensure the security of these items is essential. If you're unsure about the best way to lock your container, we're here to guide you so you can rest easy knowing your items are protected.

Non-welded lockbox squareLockrod lever handle holder close up

Finding the Right Lock For Your Shipping Container

When it comes to securing your shipping container to protect your belongings and valuable items, you have two main options to choose from.

Padlock Method

The first option for securing your shipping container is to use a padlock on your locking rods. All shipping containers open the same way: first, the right-hand door, and then the left-hand door. You can add a padlock where the door levers are set in the lever holders for additional security. We recommend the disk locks with the least amount of shackle exposed. These locks are easy to install and provide a high level of security.

Lockbox Method

The second option for securing your shipping container is using a lockbox. It's a simple yet effective method. A lockbox is a box welded to the right-hand door and a steel post welded to the left-hand door. When the doors shut together, the post fits inside the box perfectly. You put a padlock on the post. A lockbox adds extra security and protects the padlock. Having a lockbox can help secure your padlock, making it very difficult to break or cut into it. There are three different types of lockboxes.

New, or one-trip shipping containers should come with a lockbox, but you might want to confirm that when buying. You can do this by checking the container's specifications or asking the seller directly. An issue we see with one-trip container lock boxes is that they are quite narrow, therefore they require a padlock that fits perfectly in them.

When buying a used container, it's important to be aware that they do not come with a lockbox unless that is very specifically spelled out. If your used container does not come with a lockbox, Super Cubes can add one to your shipping container before we deliver it to you. We also sell lockboxes, so you can weld one yourself if you prefer. You can see an example of this in the photos of the green container below.

Lockbox welded on to used container
The tab is where the padlock goes
Lockbox that does not require welding. It slides on to the lever
Shows inside of non-welded lockbox
Lockbox+on+one-trip+container+(1) Double+Lockboxes+on+fireworks+container Inside+lockbox 20210511_114334 20210511_114347 IMG_1977

Innovative Locking Method

We also have a new option that does not require welding or tools. This is a quick and easy option for those who do not want to use any tools on their container. Close the door like normal. Slide the lockbox over the lever and keeper. Keep sliding down until the horizontal bar meets the lever. Then, flip the keeper over and lock it as usual. See pictures of the black lockbox below.

Whether you have a new or used container, proper security measures are crucial. If you have any questions about protecting and locking your shipping container, feel free to contact us!

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Post by Super Cubes
June 11, 2024