We offer a variety of new and used containers. We sell 3 different categories of containers.  Wind- and water-tight, cargo-worthy and one-trip containers.

Wind- and water-tight containers are weather-tight, insect- and rodent proof. In addition to this standard, Super Cubes provides containers that have been inspected to make sure that the floors are in good condition, the doors work well and door seals are in good shape, the roof is in good condition and any repairs that have been made to the container are done well. That said, the containers are second-hand and used, so they will have rust and dents, be whatever color the shipping line painted them and have shipping line markings.

Cargo-worthy containers meet the same standards as wind- and water-tight containers, but in addition they have the structural integrity to be used in shipping overseas. If you are using the container for export, this is the minimum level you will need. In addition, you will need to have the container surveyed to show the shipping line that it is cargo-worthy. We can arrange that for you.

One-trip/”new” containers are containers that were manufactured in Asia, filled with goods, then shipped to the U.S. where Super Cubes is selling the container to you. In addition to meeting the requirements of used containers, these containers have a fresher, crisper look than used containers.  They are generally beige, gray or blue as shown here.

If you are not sure what level you are interested in, let us know. We can help you figure out what will meet your needs best. For customers who would like a nice looking container without the new container price tag, we offer painting services which will make a used container look nicer and will match your location.

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