Shipper-owned container at a dock to be loaded

Shipper-owned container at a dock to be loaded

We recently added a new page to our website about shipper-owned containers and preparing your container for shipping. We provide containers for people to ship overseas.  We work with freight forwarders,  logistics providers, and individuals to provide them with the right container for their project.

If you are shipping a container for the first time, the first question to ask yourself is if you want to own the container when it gets to its destination or if you want to give it back.  If you do not want to own the container, you can use the shipping line's container.  Contact your shipping line, freight forwarder or logistics provider to arrange for that.

If you want to own the container when it gets to its destination, then you want what is called a shippper-owned container.  We can provide you with used or one-trip containers for this.  If you want a used container, it needs to be in "cargo-worthy" condition, which means that it is structurally sound enough to be used for shipping overseas.  In addition to it being in that condition, you will need proof for the shipping line that it is cargo-worthy.  We can survey the container for you and provide you with a certificate that the container is cargo-worthy.

Trucking and shipping your container is handled by your shipping line, freight forwarder or logistics provider.  We do not provide trucking for containers being shipped overseas.  We bring containers out and set them on the ground.  However, the trailers used to bring the container into the rail yard or port cannot pick up containers, so you would need a crane to lift up a container and set it on the truck for transport.  Since most people and companies do not have that, it is simply cheaper and easier to have your shipping line, freight forwarder or logistics provider arrange to pick the container up from us, bring it to you for loading and then continue with it to the rail or port. Our drivers do not have the proper documentation to go into the rail or port, so we cannot do that trucking for you.

If you are planning to modify your container once it is at the destination, we also have kits for adding in doors, windows, partitions, skylights and more.  You just need someone to cut and weld at the other end.  For more information on that, check out our modifications page to our website.

Used cargo-worthy containers in use

Do you need a modified container for your company?  Maybe you need housing for some equipment or have a remote location that requires an office or station.  Industrial modifications might be just the answer for you.  We recently added a page to our website about them. There is a slideshow of different projects.

We can help you with adding a container side door - man-door, roll-up or barn-door style, depending on your needs, windows, HVAC, insulation, cut-outs for your equipment to penetrate the side or floor of the container, flooring, interior walls and partitions, and electric work. 

We have shops in various locations throughout the continental United States to do these modifications where you need them.  In order to give you pricing, we would need to know the size of the container you are thinking about, drawings of your plans with a list of the modifications and the city where the container we will deliver the container when it is completed.  We need the location to know which shop we will be using as well as trucking rates.  

Call or email us today for more information.  877-374-5452,

More than 60 companies donated time and materials to convert a 40' container into a container home for a family in need.  The container home was completed in just 3 days and then was moved to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) to be on display.  The container should be moved to County Cork and move-in ready before Christmas.

The design exceeds regulations and can be scaled up or down depending on the builder's preference.  The sample home is state-of-the-art, but can be scaled down to more value options. The project was coordinated by Carol Tallon and and Derek Trenaman of Ceardean Architects.

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