Inside of a container

40' refrigerated containers tend to be a pricier container, but right now if you are in the market for some, we have a customer in Thorntown, IN who is looking to get rid of 4 of them.  3 of them are fully functional and ready to go.  The fourth one 4 runs for about 12 hours, then shuts itself off.  It restarts every time and gets to temp, but some error is occuring.  Generally when we sell containers on consignment, we do not post pricing, but given that there are 4 of them and varying qualities of them, the pricing the customer is asking is $5,750 for the 3 that are working well and $2,750 for the one that is not working well.

The containers have been converted to run on the power system in Thorntown.  For more information, please contact us.  Here are pictures of the plugs that have been installed on the containers.

Here are pictures of them.  We have separated them out by container so you can see what to expect. 

Container 1 - works well

Container 2 - works well

Container 3 - works well

Container 4 - the one that is not working well.

Also, we can assist with transportation if you need assistance with that.

If you are interested in these containers or have any questions, please contact us at 877-374-5452.


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Today we have sales in two cities!  While we have containers across the US, we do have the occasional sale on certain containers.  Right now our sale is on a 20' container in Kansas City and a 40' standard in Minneapolis.

Kansas City - 20'

The 20' in Kansas City is a nice container.  Here are pictures of it before it came back to our container yard in Kansas City.  This one is all ready to go!  Call us with your best offer!


Minneapolis - 40' Standard

Our other container is a 40' standard in Minneapolis. This one is a great container, but it came in with a small problem in the floor. One of the cross-members in the floor bent and pushed up the hat rail, making a small bump in the floor.  It also makes the container no longer wind and water tight.  We have several options on this one.  We can sell it as is at a great rate. We can seal up the bump so it is wind and water tight. Or, we can do a full repair so the floor goes back to the way it was intended.  It depends on what you want and your budget!  Call today for more information.

If you are interested in either of these containers, please call us at 877-374-5452.

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We often talk about how great containers are for hunting cabins.  They are portable, secure, easy to modify, pretty much everything you could hope for when making your own hunting cabin.  The head of our shop in Minneapolis passes this hunting cabin that is for sale in northern Minnesota whenever going up north.  It's such a great example of what's possible for a nice, safe, easy hunting cabin, we just had to share.

From what we can tell, they started with a one-trip double-door 40' high cube containers.  That is one that has doors on both ends. The beauty of using a container like this is that they could build walls just inside the doorways on both ends.  On those walls, they added windows and a door on one of them.  When the cabin is in use, you simply keep the container doors open.  When it is time to leave, you lock up the doors and the cabin looks like any other container, nothing unusual or inviting for trouble.

They insulated the inside, laid down a nice floor and then created a built-in bunk bed in one end with a dividing wall to section off the bedroom from the rest of the cabin.  In the other half, there is a small kitchenette and living space.  Depending on your land and access to bringing in water and electricity, it would be easy to add in more amenities.  But if not, it can be an easy off the grid cabin as well. 

As a final touch, they camouflaged the container to it is ready blend into the woods. Check out the pictures below.

Whether you're looking to make your own hunting cabin, want us to modify it for you, or some mix in between, containers make a great option for a secure cabin.