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What Makes a Great Shipping Container Modification Partner

Today, we are focusing on using containers for industrial applications. These are projects that use containers to house equipment for specific applications. In some cases, the container may need to move that equipment from one location to another. In other situations, the site where the equipment is needed is remote, so the containers can provide a temperature-controlled housing for our customer's equipment or to house a system or process.

The common feature of these types of precision modification projects is that we generally work with engineers who are looking to use containers to help them solve a particular problem. In most cases, the container will house our customers’ equipment and help perform the customer’s applications. These containers will go to our customers' customers, or even further downstream, making it even more critical that the modifications we do are made to the precise specifications to allow for everything else that will follow.

Super Cubes Elgin AFB shipping container project 2


What Makes a Great Container Modification Partner?

When it comes to container modification partnerships, finding the right collaborator is imperative to success. Here are some of the characteristics and capabilities to look for in a shipping container supplier and modification partner:

  • Flexibility and willingness to adapt and innovate to unique project requirements
  • Expertise in a variety container modification techniques
  • Strong communication skills for seamless collaboration
  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality results 
  • Ability deliver on-time

We used all of these on the Elgin project. It was a big, ambitious project with a global team. 

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Partnering with Super Cubes for Container Modifications

Super Cubes has supported individuals and companies in modifying shipping containers to work for them for years. In this case study, Super Cubes embarked on an exciting project with a client whose engineering team had interviewed multiple container vendors in search of the perfect fit. Ultimately, they chose Super Cubes, drawn in by our reputation as a reliable partner in the industry and our willingness to help solve their problem.

What followed was an intriguing journey of problem-solving and innovation as we tackled the challenges posed by the limited space within the container. After the project was completed, we interviewed George Coonley, manager of the North American Operations for Custom Systems for Solar Simulation, to gain his perspective on the experience his engineering team had.

Our company provides solar simulation systems of various kinds to test for material durability and performance with relation to including the effects of sunlight exposure. We were contacted by Eglin Air Force Base to do a project where to upgrade their solar simulation system. So, to achieve this, we started researching a little bit, and finding potential vendors that could help us. With the thought of using a container that could be modified to be the enclosure, the environmental chamber with a refrigeration heating unit, our power cabinets inside of this huge and other environmental chamber was the idea. That's when we started looking for partners who could help us with this. And we were really happy to come across Julia and Super Cubes to be a really collaborative partner on this project because it was an interesting one, it's one of a kind, and it worked out quite well in the end.’

Find out even more about this exciting project in this article: How Super Cubes Transformed Shipping Containers for Elgin Air Force Base

George also shared,  “You, you don't know what you don't know until you're talking to the right people who can help you.” This is one of several reasons why working with an experienced container modification partner can make all the difference to having a smooth and successful project. “When you are doing a project with multiple stages like this, …. you don’t have the project yet. You aren’t sure of all the details yet. You have to come up with a budgetary number. You have to come up some basic design elements of some kind. It is a leap of faith then that we have a good team of partners that can be successful. That always what you are looking for is good partners like that on a project like this. A good collaborative environment. You push for perfection, but that is rare. If it does, you pop the champagne because it doesn't happen too often. You manage your issues. If you well, everyone ends making a little bit of money and everyone ends up having a good project. If you have some fun along the way, that is nice too.


Super Cubes Elgin Container Units

With our expertise and dedication, we worked hand-in-hand with the engineering team to devise creative solutions that not only met but exceeded their expectations. This project had a wide range of engineering challenges, including space constraints, temperature issues inside and outside the container, and a range of equipment that all needed to fit in perfectly in the container without disrupting each other. As the engineers from multiple companies and from around the world worked together to solve these problems in the most collaborative way, Super Cubes helped provide the knowledge on modifying containers. We were able to bring in our expertise to help adapt and problem-solve where we could to assist and also head off potential issues, thus saving time and money.

As the project progressed, the plans were finalized. We put the first round of containers into production and communicated with the team as they went through each phase, making sure that they turned out the way the team was expecting. We were also able to assist with our part of the timing to ensure that the containers were done in time but not delivered until there was space for them and they were needed.

Super Cubes Elgin wiringIn subsequent rounds, we were able to incorporate tweaks learned as the team was able to learn from using the containers. The shop was used to make the design, so they were able to know the team’s preferences as well.

For industrial modifications like this project, getting the details right is critical. Most of the equipment going into the container is spaced out carefully. The containers are generally moving on to our customers’ customers, so they want to make sure everything is done well and looks good. We take care of our precision container modifications from start to finish (including timing) to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

When you are looking for a vendor for your next project, ask about what kinds of projects they have done before and how open they are to new types of projects. You can also tell a lot from the questions they ask you. As experienced vendors and modification partners, we want to know how you are using it, how far along you are in the planning stages, where you will need the container when we are done, and if you need our help with figuring out how to answer some of those remaining questions. For the more complicated container modifications, these are all very standard questions to ask because we want to make sure we are ready to help you the best way we can. 

If you have questions about your next shipping container project or are looking for a reliable modification partner, reach out to Super Cubes today.

Super Cubes is a family-owned business located in Minneapolis, MN, that provides containers anywhere in the continental US. We offer personalized service for individuals and businesses, providing high-quality containers at competitive prices. With nationwide facilities, we can modify and deliver containers close to you. Contact our experienced team for your next container project.

Post by Super Cubes
April 23, 2024