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Super Cubes Finalist for 2023 NPSA Awards


Shrimp farm made with Super Cube containers

Super Cubes was honored to be a finalist in the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA)’s 2023 NPSA Awards. Super Cubes was a nominee, or finalist in the Most Innovative Use of a Portable Storage Unit category. The award was given out at the NPSA’s Trade Show and Conference in Las Vegas last month. Ultimately, the award went to another company. It was an honor to be in the top 3 companies that were submitted for the category.

Super Cubes’ nomination was for a shrimp farm we worked on in 2010. In this first year of the awards, all projects from any year were considered. The shrimp farm used (45) modified Super Cubes 40’ containers outside of Las Vegas, NV to raise locally-grown shrimp. While the science behind the shrimp didn’t work in the end, the containers worked exactly as they were supposed to. Super Cubes provided exactly what was asked of them and did it in record time. You can see our video submission below.

Containers partially buried in the ground
Shrimp farm 005
The container roofs were cutoff and prepped before arriving in Vegas
The structure was built around the containers
The shrimp farm when it was in use
Containers being use as a shrimp farm
Shrimp-farm-006-1024x768 Shrimp farm 005 shrimp+farm2 Shrimp+farm+operational 280001_265285530153007_1598931_o
Post by Super Cubes
May 18, 2023