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Reaume Brothers Racing and Super Cubes Partner at the Milwaukee Mile

Truck on the racetrack - small

We are a proud sponsor of NCTS Team Reaume Brothers Racing (RBR). We went to Milwaukee for the Safe Harbors 175 at Milwaukee Mile last weekend to see Derek Lemke and Josh Reaume race for RBR. Super Cubes is so excited about this partnership. RBR has great teamwork. They are all such knowledgeable, passionate professionals that are working so hard for a common purpose.They use the #BuiltDifferent and it is easy to see why - they really are. It was so exciting to see that up-close and in person.

We were so excited to see Derek Lemke race in RBR’s #33 because they had decked it out in our Super Cube’s logo. It looked so fantastic! We got to meet the whole team and see everything behind the scenes for the whole weekend.

We put together a few videos for you to see it all. We have one video from Saturday and one from Sunday as well as a pit stop during the race.

Saturday was a very technical day for the team. The truck needed to pass inspection before practice. NASCAR had not been to Milwaukee Mile since 2009, so all the drivers for both the Craftsman series and the ARCA series racing on Sunday were anxious to get on the track. The practice is only 50 minutes long which doesn’t leave much time for driving and making adjustments. The team did a great job and had everything set to go!

Super Cubes sponsored Reaume Brothers Racing’s truck #33 driven by Derek Lemke at the Craftsman Series Clean Harbors 175 at the Milwaukee Mile. This is day 1 of racing weekend.

Sunday started out with qualifiers. Derek and Josh Reaume, the team owner, both qualified for the race. The ARCA race went next between qualifiers and our race. Then, the team sprang into action. The pit crew popped up the pit box, the drivers lined up, were introduced, we had a great flyover and the race began.

Super Cubes sponsored Reaume Brothers Racing's truck #33 driven by Derek Lemke at the Craftsman Series Clean Harbors 175 at the Milwaukee Mile. This is day 2 - race day. See qualifiers and the big race.

Sitting in the pit box is an incredible experience! You really are in the middle of the race quite literally! We got to listen in on the crew’s radio to hear them all communicate, watch everything up close and truly be in the middle of it all!

See Derek Lemke of Reaume Brothers Racing make a pit stop at the Craftsman Series Clean Harbors 175 at the Milwaukee Mile.

The team was helpful before the race with answering all of our questions. We had extra help from the team’s social media coordinator Lance, who was not required to be in the pit.

The other huge bonus was that Derek’s fiancé, Natalie Decker flew in from her own Daytona race by Saturday morning. We were so lucky to have our own resident NASCAR driver watching Derek and Josh all weekend! Natalie and Derek are such a great couple and it was so fun to get to see how two drivers are so supportive of each other while being on the road for their own careers. They are both such genuinely lovely, warm people, that we were taken by both of them completely.

As we look at how this partnership will move forward, we are excited about the opportunity to help RBR with their storage needs as they rebuild after the fire they had earlier this year. They are looking to incorporate containers into their shop solution going forward.

We are also offering up a discount to RBR fans who get the Super Cubes hero card at any of the races for the rest of the season.

Check out the videos we have posted and let us know in the comments how you would like to see us use containers to help Reaume Brothers Racing.

A huge thank you to Reaume Brothers Racing for a fantastic weekend! It really was amazing!

See #RBR and #DerekLemke get some close-up coverage during the race

Post by Super Cubes
September 1, 2023