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Our Easy-Opening 3-Lockrod One-Trip Containers


3-lockrods on our one-trip 20' container doors makes opening and closing easier

Are you looking for a one-trip/”new” container? We have them!! If you are in the market for a 20’ container, check out our 3-lockrod one-trip 20’s. They are the easiest containers to open. Let’s break it down and show you a video!

First, what are one-trip / “new” containers? All containers are made in China. However with new containers, they only make the one trip over the ocean to get to us, meaning, they are as new as we can get here in the US. Often people will use “new” and “one-trip” interchangeably, but really all “new” containers are one-trip containers in the US.

Now to lockrods. Lockrods are the vertical rods that lock the doors close by connecting into “keepers” that are above and below the doors. Normally containers have 2 lockrods on the right door that you open first and 2 lockrods on the left door that you open second. Our 3-lockrod one-trip 20’ containers only have 1 lockrod on the right door.

Why is this a good thing?

For 3 reasons:

1) You only have to line up one lockrod on the right door. This means less fussing around, picking up and setting down levers to get the lockrods set in the keepers correctly. There is just one to do and you’re done.

2) Having only one lockrod leaves room for a longer handle, which gives you more room for leverage. You don’t need to have as much force to get the door open with that longer lever. This is particularly helpful in icy climates where doors can get iced shut or even just get cold or stiff in inclement weather.

3) Do you have multiple people using the container that have different strength levels? The additional lever length and just one lockrod makes it easier for everyone to operate!

Check out this video to see how easy these are to open and close even on a sleety Minnesota day!

Watch as a 3-lockrod 20’ container is opened and closed easily. The single lockrod on the right-hand door with a longer lever makes opening and closing easier even in snowy, icy, cold Minnesota weather.


We have these containers all over the country, so give us a call today!

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Post by Super Cubes
February 17, 2023