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The Saner Container

Hockey Warming House Container

Hockey Container

20' container converted to hockey warming house with door and window

Super Cubes modified a used 20’ container for a local hockey organization. We delivered the container out to their rink so they could use it as a warming house for the season. The container didn’t get ordered until later in the fall, so we didn’t get it out there until after the first snow. The organization didn’t want us to do the insulation to keep costs down, so they added their own lighting and a heater as well as a layer of spray foam inside once they got the container. Once spring rolls around, this container is ready for some team branding!

Check out this video for a closer look!

Super Cubes added a door and window to a used 20’ container for a local hockey group and delivered it to their hockey rink to be used as a warming house.

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Post by Super Cubes
January 23, 2023