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5 Ways Homeowners Use Shipping Containers as Storage

Shipping containers are the newest fad for homeowners. If you haven’t looked into creating a shipping container home at some point in your life, you’re missing out. But more than that, these hefty storage boxes are also great for homeowners in other ways. Today, we’re exploring 5 ways you homeowners can use shipping containers for storage purposes. Read on to learn creative organizational options from our experts at Super Cubes.

Benefits of Using Shipping Containers for Storage

Using shipping containers for storage helps you free up space in your home, so you can keep all your belongings tidy and enjoy a spacious living space. Here are some of the benefits you can experience using this method of storage:

  • Customization options to match your tastes
  • Less maintenance with longer lasting storage
  • Durable, weather-resistant material
  • Versatile storage for any need
  • More affordable than building sheds and garages

There are so many benefits that come with using shipping containers for storage. Plus, the best part is that you can get additional windows or doors installed to match your needs precisely. Keep reading to learn five new ideas to put your storage unit to use.

Shipping Container Storage Options

1. Backyard ShedContainer shed modified into backyard shed blends into the property

One of the most well-known ways for a homeowner to use a shipping container is for a storage shed. If your home doesn’t automatically come with backyard storage of some kind, it can come in incredibly handy. Here are some home items you can easily store in your backyard shipping unit:

  • Lawn mower
  • Leaf blower
  • Snow blower
  • Weed trimmer
  • Rakes and shovels
  • Power washer
  • And more

On top of all these tools, you can also store extra sport or hobby equipment. Maybe you have some golf clubs, fishing poles, or small boats you want to keep out of the elements. Regardless of what you want to store, you’ll have the space to do it with a shipping container.

2. Workshop and Tool Shedshipping Container shed in use storing items

If you don’t have a garage or need extra space for a workshop or tools, a shipping container is a great option. You can easily store tools for your vehicles, work benches, extra limber, and even firewood for campfires or your indoor fireplace. Whatever you need to store, you’ll have the necessary space. With such a spacious unit, you won’t find yourself lacking

3. Extra Storage

Maybe you have a kid that just went off to college or moved back in or maybe you simply have too much stuff. Either way, if you need extra storage for clothes, furniture, pool or spa assembly, or anything else, a shipping container is the best solution. With this easy storage solution, there’s no setup involved, and it’ll keep your belongings protected from the weather.

4. Man Cave, She-Shed, Book Nook or Guest House

Do you have an old bed or couch set but no room to put it in your house? You can easily create extra space in your home by transferring your extras to a storage unit. From there, you can create a man cave, she-shed, or book nook. Add in a a door, a window or two and some there are plenty of battery-operated lighting options to brighten it up, decorate it to match your desired aesthetic, and add some fluffy area rugs. Pull everything together with decorative painting, posters, or knick-knacks to make it feel like a mini home. It can be a 3-season space, or you can frame it out and insulate it to use it year-round if your climate requires that. With this adorable space, you’ll be able to enjoy some much-deserved solitude and create a more open main space in your home. You can see this example that one of our customer made into a stand-alone hotel room which would make a great guest room/guest house.

Check out this video that shows a Super Cubes container that was converted into a stand-alone hotel room.


5. Vehicle Storage

One of the surprisingly useful things you can use a shipping container for is storing vehicles. With a sizing of 8 feet tall and wide with a length of 20 or more feet, it’s ideal for fitting a vehicle or two. With the extra large shipping containers, you can fit even more vehicles. Whether you need extra space for a car, truck, ATV, or other vehicles, a shipping container is an ideal option for storage. Plus, the best part is how affordable it is in comparison to building a brand-new garage. The average cost of building a 1-car garage is around $10,000. Meanwhile, you can spend a fraction of that on a shipping container, skip the build time, and have space for two cars. It should be noted that containers make better long-term storage instead of everyday garage usage as they are narrow for opening and closing the doors on a regular basis.

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How to Get a Shipping Container

Now that you know how useful shipping containers are for storing your extra things as a homeowner, you’re probably wondering where you can get your hands on one. At Super Cubes, we sell used and virtually new shipping containers in various sizes. Contact us today to customize yours to provide the ultimate storage to a homeowner like yourself.

Super Cubes is a family-owned business located in Minneapolis, MN, that provides containers anywhere in the continental US. We offer personalized service for individuals and businesses, providing high-quality containers at competitive prices. With nationwide facilities, we can modify and deliver containers close to you. Contact our experienced team for your next container project.

Post by Super Cubes
February 8, 2024