Check out today’s video, courtesy of BigSteelBox.  This video from one of the large container manufacturers in China shows the construction of a container from start to finish.  All cargo containers are made to the same ISO standards.  What I like best about this is that by seeing how it is put together, you can understand what goes into maintaining and repairing your container. In particular seeing how the flooring and seals go in, since those are the easiest, and most common repairs. When you are buying containers, the newest containers we have in the US are called “one-trip” containers, meaning they were manufactured in a factory like this one, filled with goods and shipped over here for sale.  This is a one-trip container before it makes the trip here.

If you are looking for a container, do you think it is worth the expense to get one in this condition?  Share what you are looking for in a container.

AuthorSuper Cubes