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The Saner Container

10' Containers Available in Minneapolis

We have one-trip/”new” 10’ containers available in Minneapolis. We are excited because we normally have to bring them in from Chicago. Check out the video below to see the first 2 that are ready to go. We have 2 more coming as well!


10’ are a specialty container because they ship over from China as a 20’ container with extra corner posts and doors on both ends, called a duo-con. There are two 10’s all ready to go. They are just missing the corrugated end walls. That way they can be loaded up with goods as a 20’ container to defray the cost of moving them to the US. When they get here, they are cut apart. Those “missing”walls are actually in the container. They are just installed in place. The container is then painted to look nice again and the 10’ is ready to go!

See a duo-con, or 2 x 10’ containers made as one 20’ container for export and how it has everything needed so it can be used as a 20’ to defray the cost of shipping, but also have everything needed to be 2 x 10’ containers.




We have these 2 x 10’s that are all set plus the duo-con in this video is being split so we will have two more 10’s as well.

In addition to our 10’ containers, we have used 20’s, used 40’ standard and 40’ high cubes as well as one-trip 20’, 40’ standard and 40’ high cube containers.


See pictures of the used 20’s we have in stock and sample pictures of the 40’ high cubes we have as well.

Call us today to get some headed your way! 952-283-2783.

Post by Super Cubes
July 26, 2023