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The main question everyone has is - what does a container cost? Many people are frustrated that when they look on a container companies' website, pricing isn't listed. There is a good reason we do not have our prices listed. Containers are a commodity, therefore prices change constantly. In addition, there are a lot of factors that go into a container price including: where the container is going, container size, container condition, current pricing, current availability for that particular container, etc. The best way to get a price is to give us a call or fill out our quote request form.

Let's pull apart these issues that influence pricing.


The biggest factor in pricing is geographic location where you want the container. We have containers throughout the continental United States, but pricing for a container in Denver is going to differ from the price of the same size container in Newark, NJ. We get containers into specific cities and from there, we truck the containers out to customers. The pricing in the city the container comes out of is one part of the puzzle. The delivery rate is the other.  We have some locations, like North Dakota, where trucking costs can be as much or more than the cost of the container. So we really need to know where you want the container to put together an accurate quote.


Size matters. We have containers that are 20' and 40' long. In the 40' long containers, we have them two heights - standard (8'6" high), and high cubes (9'6" high). Pricing will vary depending on what you need.


Not all containers are the same. We have containers in different conditions. Our main ones are wind- and water-tight, cargo-worthy, and one-trip. Check our page with a full description of each of these conditions. In addition, some people want specialty containers such as those with doors on both ends (called double-door containers), doors that open on one long side of the container (open-side containers), or containers that have a roof or removable steel roof (open-top or hard-top containers). Naturally the better the condition of the container, the more expensive it is.


We get our containers from shipping lines and leasing lines that have been using the containers to move freight around the world. We also get them from vendors that specialize in specialty containers and one-trip containers. Depending on what you are looking for and where you want it, pricing may depend on availability. For example, 20' high cube containers are not used for general freight, so they are only available in one-trip condition.  In addition, they are not very common, so we can only source them in a few cities throughout the US. If a customer is looking for one in one of those cities, the price will be higher than a used, 20' standard container. But it will be cheaper than one for a customer looking for a 20' high cube container that is 500 miles away. There area lot of different factors at play in terms of availability.

Sales and Consignment

We have sales from time to time on containers where we have an over-supply.  We also sell containers on consignment occasionally. We post those in our blog, but the best way to know what we have is to give us a call.

So what can you do?

Give us a call! Fill out our form! We would love to give you a price. Our phone number is (877) 374-5452 . Our form is on the right-hand side of this page (and many other pages) of our website. Be sure to let us know where you are and what you are looking for so we can get you our most accurate pricing. 

Also, keep in mind that most reputable container companies are in the same boat. That is why you won't find prices on most websites. Of course if you are looking on eBay or Craig's List, pricing might be posted, but those ways of finding containers have their own challenges. For more on that, click here for our tips for buying from them.

If you fill out our form, please rest assure that we do not provide that information to any other companies or organizations.  Also, we do not like to bug people, so once we give you that pricing, we won't contact you again.