2 ends of 2 of the one-trip 40' high cubes available in Sterling Heights

2 ends of 2 of the one-trip 40' high cubes available in Sterling Heights

We are so excited to have 4 one-trip 40' high cubes available on consignment in Sterling Heights, MI. Detroit has not been getting many one-trip containers in the past year, so this is a great opportunity for someone looking for one-trip containers without the hassle of bringing them in from Chicago.

Check out the pictures below of the containers and a video. If you click on the pictures, you can see them a bit larger.

The customer selling these containers purchased a total of 5 one-trip 40' high cubes for a project, but are taking up so much space, they are slowing down the project. All of them are still in great condition and are in a protected warehouse. Due to a lack of space, the pictures are all very close to the actual containers.

Please call (877-374-5452) or email (sales@supercubes.com) if you are interested in pricing. We can help with delivery if needed.

A used 40' high cube container is available outside of Rochester, MN

A used 40' high cube container is available outside of Rochester, MN


Super Cubes has a customer with a 40' standard container available in Rochester, MN. The conex container is wind and water tight, has some rust and dents, but in general good condition. The customer is motivated to sell.

The container also includes a lockbox that is not installed. The customer bought the lockbox but never got around to putting it on the container. The lockbox provides an extra level of protection for a padlock.

Super Cubes will facilitate the transaction and can recommend sources for transporting it if needed. It is a great option for anyone in southern Minnesota who doesn't want to pay to bring a container all the way from Minneapolis.

Please check below for more pictures of the shipping container. If you are interested in the container, please call or email us at 877-374-5452 or sales@supercubes.com.

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A one-trip 20' container is like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless.

A one-trip 20' container is like a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless.

A Super Cubes container makes the red carpet

A Super Cubes container makes the red carpet

What would you do with a one-trip 20' container?  We have some great customers who have taken 20' (and in some cases 40') containers and created something much bigger than a box.  We are showcasing some of the fun stuff we've been a part of or at least supplied containers today.

Super Cubes worked with Matter last year to create some unique spaces at their gala. We created a red carpet entry where everyone walked through container to come into the Sun Country hangar. We created a virtual reality booth where attendees could tour hospitals created by Matter (and see containers shipped from Minneapolis to the hospitals). We used 20' containers to create a stage along with the nose of a Sun Country plane!  Click here to read more about it.

We worked with SW Living in Florida. They are creating great off-the-grid living spaces out of containers. Pictured below is their prototype.  To find out more about them, click here.

While containers are great for storage, they are quite literally blank canvases The one pictured below features a mural designed by a local high schooler. Read more about that here. We also had a customer camouflage theirs to fit into their surroundings.

We have had customers turn containers into garden shed. We had a farm add on storage for pipes and other materials that can be accessed directly from the barn.

One Super Cubes customer partially buried a 20' container into a hill.  It provides great storage and is safe from storms.

Alchemy Architects in St Paul took a Super Cubes container and converted it into an off-the-grid, stand-alone, 20' hotel room. Super Cubes helped with the big window next to the bed and the utility closet opening. They did an amazing job designing the space to make use of every square inch an beautiful materials to finish it off.  The container made the rounds last year at various festivals and fairs. This summer, you can book a stay in it through AirBnB. To read more about it, click here for the container's website and here for the AirBnB listing.

Super Cubes was also involved with a shrimp farm in Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right. Shrimp in the desert outside of Las Vegas. It was to bring sustainable, locally-sourced shrimp to a market that had very high demand. Here is a link to our blog on that one too. Although they did use 40's for this project, it seemed too fun to leave out.

One last 40' project was an 8-container home in St Charles. We have so many pictures of this gorgeous home, you really just need to visit our blog devoted entirely to it.  Click here to check that out.

So what would you do with a container? What is holding you back from doing something with one? 

Check out the pictures below and click on them to enlarge them.

Are you looking for a one-trip/"new" 20' container? We just want to let you know that even though they are getting scarcer, we do have them! Particularly in Minneapolis, but in other cities throughout the US. Give us a call today! We also have used 20's and 40's and one-trip 40's as well!