Do you need a modified container for your company?  Maybe you need housing for some equipment or have a remote location that requires an office or station.  Industrial modifications might be just the answer for you.  We recently added a page to our website about them. There is a slideshow of different projects.

We can help you with adding a container side door - man-door, roll-up or barn-door style, depending on your needs, windows, HVAC, insulation, cut-outs for your equipment to penetrate the side or floor of the container, flooring, interior walls and partitions, and electric work. 

We have shops in various locations throughout the continental United States to do these modifications where you need them.  In order to give you pricing, we would need to know the size of the container you are thinking about, drawings of your plans with a list of the modifications and the city where the container we will deliver the container when it is completed.  We need the location to know which shop we will be using as well as trucking rates.  

Call or email us today for more information.  877-374-5452,

As the National Portable Storage Association annual conference and trade show, one of our container modification kit suppliers unveiled their latest kit – the container barn door.  They brought a 4’ door as an example of the kit, however doors can be made in whatever length you would like.

The kit comes with the barn door, tracks above and below the door that weld onto the container and a lockbox to secure the door.  Weather-stripping may be added for an additional charge.  Generally the door is set up to be a singular door, but two doors can be installed together for access to a larger section of the container by the doors.

With barn doors, you get the full height of the container, unlike roll-up doors that need space left for the coil.

Check out the video below of a barn door being shut.

If you are interested in container barn doors, please let us know!