The bar at Victoria Burrow showcases shipping container decor

The bar at Victoria Burrow showcases shipping container decor

Victoria Burrow in Victoria, MN recently opened. The restaurant features street food and drinks served out of our shipping containers along with a wide range of fun activities — axe-throwing, mini-golf, bocce ball, virtual reality, an arcade, darts, bean-bag toss/corn hole, oversized Connect 4 and more!

Victoria Burrow bought two 20’ containers from Super Cubes - a red one-trip/”new” container and a blue used/wind- and water-tight container. They cut up the containers to use as decor throughout the restaurant.

Customers are able to experience our containers by first walking through a set of blue container doors and then are greeted by a container display in the entry way. Another cool attraction is the restaurant bar. The bar is physically made up of red container doors, side and portions of the container wall that are awning over the bar area.

If you ever want to experience seeing a container from the inside, here is your chance! You are able to sit inside one of the containers while enjoying your meal. You can hang out on the original container floor which also has an opening to the unique bar. The container area acts almost as a private seating section within the bigger space of the restaurant. From “inside” the container, customers can REALLY take in the physical container structure, as well see all other distinct aspects of the restaurant. If this seating area is taken up, no worries! Tucked back by the axe-throwing area, there is a second smaller seating section made out of container roofs.

Diners also can experience the containers up close when ordering and picking up their food. Similar to food trucks, all food items are ordered and picked up at concession windows that are made out of the containers.

We really enjoyed seeing the containers transformed — from first meeting with customer at the container yard to pick out their containers to viewing end product - Victoria Burrows restaurant!

To get more of a live effect, just click on all of our pictures!

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Welcome to Victoria Burrow

Welcome to Victoria Burrow

The bar container invites people in

The bar container invites people in

A Night to Matter at Sun Country's cargo hangar.  The stage is set with containers and an airplane

Super Cubes is proud to support Matter, a non-profit committed to the health of people both globally and within Minnesota. Matter's A Night to Matter is their annual gala and fundraiser for the organization.  The gala was in Sun Country's cargo hangar and decorated with Super Cubes containers. 

This virtual reality booth was made from a leftover "tube" of container.

The venue was an exciting change for Super Cubes since we could finally bring in some containers to the event. In previous years we have all tried to figure out how to get them into hotel ballrooms.  Instead, we were able to convert containers into an entryway to the event and house a virtual reality booth where attendees were able to get 360 views of some of the global projects that Matter worked on in the past year.

Super Cubes brought in containers to help create a stage along with the front of a Sun Country airplane.  The program featured their Gorgui Deing Project: Senegal, a project that is bringing food, agricultural equipment and healthcare to Senegal with the help of Minnesota Timberwolves Gorgui Deing, and their New DAWN Africa project, which built a hospital in Dandora, a slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Gene Simmons received Matter's Humanitarian Award for his commitment and involvement with Matter.  Darius Rucker performed his solo work as well as some Hootie & the Blowfish favorites.

The two smaller containers were actually leftover pieces of containers from a previous customer project.  We had shortened some 40' high cube containers to be 25' and 28' high cubes. To do that, we cut off one end of the container, cut down the container, then reattach the end.  At the end of the project, we are left with a "tube" of container. We took those tubes, framed out the ends, put in corner castings to make moving them around easier and relaid the floors. Matter wrapped the containers in their marketing materials.

Here are some other pictures of the event.

And a bonus - Darius Rucker singing.

Here are some pictures of us bringing in the containers before the event.



Do you volunteer or work for a group that needs more storage?  A youth sports team, a church group, or a community group that has stuff and nowhere to put it?  Think about a container!  Containers are a great way to provide storage where you need it and solve other space issues that may come up while you are busy doing what you do best - keeping your group moving forward!

Containers are a great way to keep the stuff you need right where you need it.  No more dragging stuff from home every week, or stuff taking over volunteer's garages.  You don't have to worry if someone misses an event and they have all "the stuff".  You have it all right at the field, in the parking lot or wherever is convenient. If you are collecting items for a charity, team garage sale or other purposes, a container is a great way to keep everything in a safe, central location.

Containers can also be converted into concession stands.  Instead of having to assign someone to bring treats and drinks, why not raise money with a concession stand for parents and spectators?  Install a concession stand window that locks up safely between uses.

Containers can provide a changing room or work space onsite.  If your team places at a place where you don't have access to facilities for changing, managing or any other task you'd like to do outside of the elements. You can easily add on man-doors, windows, partitions, etc. to make the container do more for you.

Containers are so flexible and easily tweaked to fit any need your group might have.  Call us today at 877-374-5452 to find out how we can help.