Are you ready to be different than everyone else? Are you wanting to build something out of a box? If you are saying yes to both questions, shipping containers may be a route for you! ISO containers are a great way to build a unique structure that can be within reach of the average person.

Shipping containers were designed for storing and transporting goods. However, there are so many different ways to upcycle steel containers into a wide variety of new structures.

So, what can you REALLY build with a shipping container? The short answer is really - anything! - even if shipping containers are commonly used by business and home owners. Containers provide a scalable building block to create extra storage, retail space, restaurants, homes and so much more. Here is a general list along with images of how containers have been and are continuing to be utilized:  

  • Storage and Sheds. Sure it is the most basic use, but containers are great at storing things.

  • Cabins, guesthouse, tiny homes and vacation/main houses. The hottest trend in the past few years in containers is container architecture.

  • Offices and building extensions. Containers can add in extra space for people too. Containers can fitted out with insulation, electricity and desks easily.

  • Fire training stations. Containers can be burned again and again! As long as you replace that wood floor with something that doesn’t burn. We have all sorts of ideas on how to change the space to keep your team on their toes.

  • Saunas, pools and pool houses. Who doesn’t want one of these?!

  • Food trucks, restaurants and bars. Containers make everything more fun!

  • Portable toilets. Ground-level entry that can be moved to wherever you need them. And everyone will be happy they’re not a port-a-potty.

  • Retail shops and malls. Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas is a perfect example of how to take a great, creative idea and make it a reality.

Food trucks take over Toronto

Food trucks take over Toronto

Las Vegas , here we come!

Las Vegas, here we come!

  • Bistros and coffee shops. Starbucks has been running with this idea for a few years, but there are so many more takes on getting caffeine to those in need.

  • Student housing facilities and schools. The most classic example of this is TempoHousing in Amsterdam.

  • Emergency hospitals/disaster shelters. Containers can be moved around quickly and easily, making them a choice for quick response. The real hold-up here has been finding the way to create government-approved solutions that can be made where they are needed and at the right price point.

  • Nurseries and indoor gardens. This is such a great, sustainable way for locally grown food just about anywhere. Check out how they do it in Antarctica, Las Vegas and just about anywhere you can set down a container.

To find the right container for you, just contact us directly at 877-374-5452. We’d be happy to help make your vision a reality!

Roll-up doors go together with containers like peanut butter and jelly.  Containers come with two swing doors on one short end of the container, but often that simply isn't enough.  Many people need to access the container from multiple points or don't want to deal with tight container doors that can sometimes require a bit of strength to open or close.  (Although if you're having problems with that, check out our hints from this post.) One easy solution is to add a roll-up door onto the container.

Roll-up doors come in various widths - 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9' wide.  They can be made to fit a standard 8'6" high standard container or a 9'6" high-cube container.  This means there is pretty much a door to fit whatever you want to do with the container.  One popular spot to put a container is in the opposite end of the container from the container doors.  This allows access from either end, so nothing is too far from the door.  Also, the corner posts make a great foundation for putting the door tracks onto the container.

We have roll-up door kits so you can add a roll-up door on your own.  We also can add roll-ups in various shops we have located throughout the US.

If a roll-up isn't exactly what you want, we also have man-doors and barn-door kits.  Check out here for man-doors and here for barn-doors.

Here are some pictures of roll-up doors to show you some possibilities.