A 16’ overhead door opens to reveal 4 containers

A 16’ overhead door opens to reveal 4 containers


One of the joys of visiting customers is to see what they have done with their containers! I stopped in to see a recent customer who added 8 of our 40’ containers onto his warehouse. Here are some pictures of the great way he maximized his warehouse with our containers!

The company moved into a new space that had a great combination of office and warehouse space. There was plenty of land around the warehouse as well. However, the original building just didn’t have enough storage space for them. Each department needed room for extra materials and supplies.


Enter the genius of Gary, the owner. He solved their storage problems without needing to build or add to their heating bill. He set up two sets of 4 containers each butting up to the warehouse. The containers are set two across and two high. They created a small deck and railing for the upper level. Movable stairs were installed to access the upper level. He also installed a 16’ overhead door for each set of containers. Being in the Midwest where it gets VERY cold in the winter, we could feel the rush of cold air when the doors opened coming in from the container. Up until then, it had been rather cozy in there.


The space is split up by department. They assigned each pair (up and down) of containers to different departments. For one department that had equipment that had a tendency to grow legs, they put in a partition with a lockable door.

Their set-up now gives them over 2500 square feet more than what they had before the containers were set up. Gary, the owner, was thrilled with the flexible arrangement and the cost was far less than physically adding onto the warehouse! He even put a roof over the area between the two sets of containers for a spot to store their ladders and other tall materials out of the weather.

Outside of the warehouse, they also have additional containers. They have two 40’ containers set end to end with one another. They cut out one of the 40’ sides to each and installed the pallet racking and tarps, which fold down to protect against snow.

Containers are so flexible and can offer up a perfect building block to so many different ideas. We love seeing those ideas come to life with our containers.


It is spring time and you are gearing up for a busy summer.  Let containers make all those projects go smoothly and on time.  Containers are great on jobsites for secure storage and as a work area in bad weather.

Containers are made from cor-ten steel, which means it takes them longer to rust than regular steel.  It also makes them very secure.  Add a lockbox on the door and any potential thief would need welding tools to get at your tools.

Since containers are mobile, you can move them from jobsite to jobsite.  Keeping your tools onsite keeps your guys to your schedule.  Unlike keeping tools in a truck and depending on that truck being to the jobsite on time every day, your tools and supplies are right where you left them the night before.

You can work out of the container when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  If you plan on working in the container often, you can even modify it with venting, electricity, insulation, windows and/or additional doors to make the container be your perfect workshop.  Modification kits make it easy for you to do the modifications exactly the way you want.

Container toolboxes are a great way to provide secure storage and work space on your jobsites.

If you were planning out your perfect container toolbox, what would you include?  Venting? Lights? Secure shelving or drawers?