This week’s blog was written by Super Cubes’ latest hire, Katie.


I got to be a part of my first container delivery.  We went to see two 20’ containers be delivered onsite. I first wondered what all was entailed with having such a large container delivered to a small parking lot, which in this case was a parking lot of an old grocery store and strip mall. When arriving, I questioned EVERYTHING! Imagine a parking lot in the shape of a square with commercial businesses on one side, a grocery store and two busy streets. I asked myself, “how is this huge tilt-bed semi-truck that is countless feet long could fit into such a tiny parking lot?”.  It was loaded with two 20’ x 8’ foot containers on the bed and a loooooong tractor pulling the trailer.

Sure enough with precise measurements and careful awareness to their surroundings, the driver from Dick’s Valley Service, the customer, and my boss figured out a way to maneuver the truck into the lot without a hitch! The two containers were gradually slid off the truck, which was very similar in my eyes to when two dominos hit one another, but stay standing straight up.


 The containers were placed exactly where the owner now has enough room to easily have their local welder make the desired container modifications. The right people made the delivery efficient and effective. I was really in disbelief how quickly and smoothly the delivery process went with the right amount of space marked off (and keeping other customers from parking in the way). If you are able to ever experience a delivery, you should take my word on it and be there.  It definitely was a neat process to see!