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We have reported on how a Super Cubes customer has converted eight 40' high cube containers into their home. See our blog on putting the containers in place by clicking here. Now the house is almost done and Show Me St Louis has done a piece on the home. You can watch it below:

Or you can go to KSDK's page and watch it there by clicking here.

Zack and Brie were such fun customers to work with.  They had a vision for this house and through a ton of hard work made it a reality. They went through the usual challenges that other people face when building a house - weather delays, unexpected costs, and the usual challenges, but work so seamlessly as a team that they made it look easy.

They bought the containers and we had them certified as cargo-worthy containers. They found a yard near the job site where we could put the containers so they would be close by for the day they had the crane. I went down for the big crane day which I blogged about here. It was so amazing to see containers turn into a home in a matter of hours.  But that was really only beginning. Then the Smitheys went to work cutting, grinding and framing up the containers to create their home.

8 containers stacked together to make a house on a busy street attracted attention. The Smitheys have created a Facebook page so that people could track their progress. You can follow it too here. You can also follow them on Instagram @smitheycontainerhome and