Super Cubes LOVES container homes.  That is no mystery to anyone who reads this blog.  But most of the time we repost pictures and stories about container homes and buildings that we had no part in.  Not today!!!  We are SO excited that a Super Cubes customer is making an 8-container home using Super Cubes containers!  The customer was so generous to let us come on over for the big crane day to lift the containers into place.  Check it out!

The couple first approached us back in January about containers.  They had their own architect and structural engineer as well as welders to do all the work on the home, they just needed to add containers.  After going through all the necessary hoops to get everything approved, the land surveyed (twice!), and the usual weather delays, they were finally ready to get going.  We staged the containers at a location a couple of miles from their new home.  This allowed us to get the containers nearby and speed things up for the big day.  Even with lots of planning, we staged the containers in the first half of April and weren't ready for them until May.

Crane rentals are VERY expensive.  You are paying for a crane, but also several operators and workers necessary to make sure everything goes smoothly and safely.  For that reason, it was critical that we got all the containers in place in one day.  We encountered the typical construction problem - a snag with the timing.  The steel beams that support the containers on top of the foundation were late coming in, which meant that not only did we need to get the 8 containers placed in one day, the beams had to be placed and welded as well. 

Luckily, the homeowners had a great crew at the ready and everything moved along at a great pace.  We were a couple of hours late starting on the containers, but still managed to get them in place in one day. There was a slight rain delay at one point and some severe weather, but They all got in!

The homeowners are an amazing couple that had a real vision of what they wanted and went about it in just the right way - working with an architect and structural engineer to design the house.  They found the welders and other sub-contractors that they will need to do the work on the house, as well as working on it themselves. They were also realistic in that the container is a great building material, but it has limits as well.  They had to make some tough choices on their original wish list and the final design, but finalized a great open-plan house that will be stunning.

Below are pictures of the project with some descriptions.  It was great to get to be a part of this project and we can't wait to see the final house!