Super Cubes team volunteers at Matter in St Louis Park, MN

Super Cubes team volunteers at Matter in St Louis Park, MN

Super Cubes has teamed up with Matter in their mission to expand access to health care, next door and around the world.  Matter, formerly Hope for the City, is a St Louis, MN based non-profit that works locally and internationally on hunger and health issues.  This Super Cubes team volunteered to pack food boxes filled with 5 meals each that will stay locally to assist those with food needs.  The boxes are distributed to local hospitals and police departments to provide meals to people in need that they may come across as they serve them.  Matter is focused on providing healthy meals that do not require any cooking to service as many people as possible. 

Matter is working on a medical clinic made from a Super Cube container that will provide 3 exam rooms that can be moved around the metro to provide medical services in undeserved neighborhoods.

Matter also ships medical equipment and supplies globally.  Super Cubes first started to work with Matter as they were shipping containers overseas and wanted to leave the container in addition to the medical supplies. They have converted containers into water purification systems and a host of other things.  The above pictures are of a container being loaded for Ethiopia.

Super Cubes is proud to be a vendor and partner with Matter.  To find out more about the great things Matter is doing, please visit their website:

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