Would you want a container that could go from on a truck and dock height to ground-level without a forklift or a crane?  Well, this new container can do just that.  It seems like it is really meeting a need for people and organizations that are shipping goods overseas that need some extra time for loading them up.

Usually when you ship a container, you get very little time to load it up. The chassis, or container trailers, that bring containers out to customers for loading cannot set a container on the ground. If the shipper wants to take their time loading, they have to have a crane or forklift to take the container off of the truck, then put it back on the truck when it is loaded.  Usually the unloading is easy enough to work around, but getting it back on a truck when it is full is the tricky part.  That is where this new container makes a ton of sense.

Super Cubes has a customer working on an external product that might do the same thing as this container.  Our question to our readers is - if you could get an add-on product that would allow you to take your container on and off of trucks by yourself, would you be interested in it?  And if you're willing to share, what would you be willing to pay for it?  The design isn't complete yet, so it may not work out.  It just happened that our customer was working on this solution as we saw this new container.  Tell us your thoughts and ideas on this below!