Containers are often the target for graffiti, but in Slayton, MN, one container was the canvas for an award-winning graffiti design.  Ecos Energy purchased a container from Super Cubes to put at their solar-panel field.  They decided to have a design contest at the local high school to decorate the container. 

Chad Reker, the local art teacher, and his student Austin Miller projected the finalized design onto the container and then painted in the design with bright colors. They have been featured in the local papers, including this article in the Wheel Herald - click here. They have been asked to create additional murals in town.

Cari Helberg, the asset manager for Ecos Energy, was happy with the result.  She is hoping that they can have similar community involvement to decorate their containers in other parts of the country.

Edited to include more pictures on 12/10/15.

AuthorSuper Cubes LLC