Today we have 2 examples of tiny living.  First up is a 20' high cube containers made into an off-the-grid, one-bedroom home.  Second is a one-bedroom on- or off-the-grid home that will be rolling out shortly.  As an added bonus, both have videos so you can really get a good look inside and out of these homes.

In the first home, this mobile 20' container home has a kitchen, sitting room and separate bedroom that runs on a mix of solar power and 2 batteries.  Water is collected from the roof.  Every square inch is used and yet the placement of the bedroom under (unusual in tiny homes) and windows make the space seem bigger than it is.  The video is above, or click here for more.

The second example is being developed by G-Pod and is called G-Pod Dwell.  It comes in different sizes and offers everything from a one-bedroom with a kitchen, office and covered deck as well as pavillions, 2- and 4-bedroom options.  The used both 20' and 40' containers, depending on the layout you choose.  One wall of the container pops out to expand space in one direction.  On the other side of the container, the walls flips down to create the floor of the deck.  This way they are able to create a space 3 times as wide as a container but still only use 1 container for transport.  The G-Pod Dwell also offers solar power and self-contained water systems.  You can even grow grass on the roof.  Click here for the videoClick here for the brochure.