Our new home page to our new website

Our new home page to our new website

Super Cubes LLC is unveiling our new website and blog!  We wanted to bring you more pictures and make it easier to access us on your phone and tablet.  Now Super Cubes can be on the go with you.

Please check out our new website at our same address - www.supercubes.com.  We have tried to streamline our different topics and bring you a ton more pictures on each page.  Our pictures are in a gallery format, which will show you a ton of pictures as a slide show.  But you can always click on a thumbnail of a picture to look at it longer or to go back and look at something again.  We even have a gallery section so you can just look at pictures.

Our site will now automatically adjust to whatever device you are using.  On your phone?  You'll get our most streamlined version with easy navigation.  On your tablet? You still get all the  same content, but easier to see pictures on your tablet.  Your computer?  You get the full bells and whistles!

We also have redesigned our blog.  It will look more like the rest of our website.  It still has categories for easy browsing by subject and a more robust search feature. 

We hope you enjoy the new site and blog! If you have any questions or suggestions for it or for blog posts, please feel free to let us know!

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