Earlier this month,the National Portable Storage Association (NPSA) had its annual trade show in Las Vegas.  We had a secondary reason for being excited about the trip - Container Park in Las Vegas.  Container Park was created by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project urban redevelopment company as a way for start-up companies to grow and have a place to call home.  The park features a mix of shops and restaurants, a playground, stage, a dome theater and an observation tower.  So why the excitement for Super Cubes - because as you might have guessed from the name - it is made from shipping containers!

Loyal followers of The Saner Container may remember our shrimp farm in Las Vegas from a few years ago (click to read more about it).  The same companies we were teaming up with then were a part of Container Park's development.  We've been hearing about this exciting projects for a few months, so fun to see the park for ourselves.

The park opened this week, but when we were there, it was still under construction.  Here are some of the pictures we were able to take of it from our limited viewpoints.  For more on the finished product, check out local TV coverage of the Container Park. As always, to see pictures in more detail, just click on them.

If you are in Las Vegas, have you been to the Container Park yet?  Please let us know how it was!

Additional note:  One of our clients was out in Las Vegas and took these pictures of the Container Park and sent them in.  If you are in the area, it is worth checking out!

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