The University of Nebraska at Lincoln Athletic Department is rolling out a tailgating community in 2014.  That’s right, a tailgating community!  It is call Blackshirt Village.  They are converting 20’ containers into tailgating containers that can be rented out (it is unclear if you rent by the game, season or both).  Each container is completely converted to football tailgating nirvana.  The inside has seating, 3 big flat-screen TVs and kitchenette.  The roof is converted into an observation deck.  Each unit has a deck in front of it and folding glass doors to the unit.  Naturally, it comes with a grill and outdoor furniture, but it is climate control for later in the season. Their pictures are not easy to share, but are very interactive on their website, so be sure to check it out here.

Would you ever make your own tailgating home if you lived or had land near a big stadium?

AuthorSuper Cubes