I know, September seems like a funny time to talk about fireworks, but really it is just the right time.  If you are ordering them wholesale, fall is a great time to stock up.  Or getting a container in place for the spring so you are ready for them come spring.  If you are starting to stockpile your fireworks for sale or personal use, fireworks container storage is a great way to keep fireworks safe and dry.

1. Containers keep fireworks nice and dry.  Wind- and water-tight containers do not leak or have holes, which also makes them insect and rodent proof.  Once you lock your fireworks up in your container, you don’t have to worry about them until you’re ready to sell them or set them off.

2. Containers are ATF Compliant, if you add lockboxes. The ATF has many rules about how to properly store fireworks.  They explain what type of area to store them in, the spacing that storage needs to be from other structures and other items, properly locking them, etc.  Storage containers can be a good solution to this long list of requirements.  However, they do require 2 lockboxes to be added onto each of them.  We recently prepared two 20’ containers for fireworks storage.  The owners supplied their own padlocks for inside the lockboxes.  We also had to place them precisely to be ATF compliant.

3.  Containers are convenient for fireworks storage. You can place a container on your property wherever is ATF compliant.  And if you plan on selling them, you can put your container out onsite for safe, dry storage right where you sell them.  Containers provide flexibility needed for fireworks storage.

Always be safe in storing fireworks!  Follow all applicable ATF regulations.

AuthorSuper Cubes