We wrote a few months ago about a couple of greenhouses/farms inside containers.  Today we look at Urban Farm Units – a container and greenhouse in one that goes up, not out. In our previous post, we showed a hydroponic farm that can be located in urban centers and a 4-container structure that was farm and shop in one.  Today we look at Damien Chivialle’s Urban Farm Unit.  The farm is a great combination of fish tanks and hydroponically grown plants to provide food in urban areas.  This video shows how it works.

Currently there are farms in Zürich, Berlin and Brussels.   Here is a video of the building of the Brussels farm.

The farms are flexible in what they grow.  What kinds of fresh water fish and what kind of hydroponic plants would you choose?

Additional Note - After publishing this post, we came across this posting that is trying to build an Urban Farm in London.