It is that time of year again.  The leaves are changing colors, the evenings are getting cooler, and your garage is getting fuller.  You know you have to finish up that fall yard work and brace yourself for the winter.  The winter toys and tools are looking at you from the back of the garage and you know you’ll have to pull them out soon enough.  But as you look around, you have too much to put in the garage and not enough space.  What to do?!

Get a container.  A 20’ container is roughly the size of a one-car garage.  It is a little narrower, so it may be a better option for storing all the extra stuff you have accumulated rather than moving your car in and out every day.  But with a container, you can make room to fit the cars back in the garage again AND still have access to the snow plow and snow mobiles.

If you need your storage out at your cabin, think about getting a lockbox on your container.  It is a metal box that protects your padlock.  They are a great option if you aren’t able to check on your container all the time and worry about security.

Maybe you live on a farm and you have even more stuff.  More stuff than a city girl like me can think of.  But whenever I head to my aunt’s farm in Western Wisconsin, I know that your stuff is BIG.  And you may want to clear out space in your nice, heated pole barn for the winter.  If you’re like my aunt’s family, you want to keep that free for bringing different things to work on all winter, but still want to have room for the kids to do homework and spend time.  If you have the space, a 40’ container might fit your stuff even better.

The great thing about containers is that they are wind and water tight – so no worries about water getting in and ruining everything.  AND they are insect and rodent proof.  They are designed to keep those sort of pests out of containers so they don’t move from continent to continent.  The good news – no mice chewing up wires or papers or worse.  It is tighter storage than your garage.

Don’t dread the coming winter.  A container can help you get ready for it!

Camoflage a container on your property with paint.  (Or pick a solid color that blends in)
Camoflage a container on your property with paint. (Or pick a solid color that blends in)
A lockbox can add extra security
A lockbox can add extra security
40' containers can hold a ton of stuff
40' containers can hold a ton of stuff
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