Recently a customer brought this home to my attention.  It is a gorgeous 2-bedroom, 1-bath home in Costa Rica designed by Benjamin Garcia Saxe.  The owners wanted a home that would allow them to fully take in their land outside San Jose, Costa Rica.  Mr. Garcia Saxe was able to use the removed sections of the containers to enclose the space between the two containers to create a much more open area than one usually finds in a 2-container home.  He was also able to keep costs to a minimum.

The design maximizes the number of windows to take in the great views.  The unique roof eliminates the need for air conditioning in the tropical climate.  I love how simple and open the layout of the home is.  By offsetting the containers slightly, the bedrooms have more windows giving them a much more open feeling that goes with the whole feel of the home.

Container homes are becoming more and more common.  As more architects work with these building blocks, we see more and more elegant and efficient ways to use them.  But, more importantly, they are “breaking out of the box” with more open and spacious floorplans.

For more information on this home, check out the longer story by clicking here.  And plenty of pictures below.

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