Keith W. Tantlinger invented a very small thing that had a very big impact.  He invented the twist-lock corner to containers. This simple device allows containers to be stacked and locked together on ships or locked down onto a truck.

While that doesn't seem like inventing fire, it has had an enormous impact on all of our lives.  By creating an efficient way to stack containers that can be loaded in one location, sent by truck or rail to a port, shipped overseas, travel by truck or rail to a destination - all without unloading the container - opened new possibilities.  It opened the door to globalization.

So when you enjoy food from across the globe, find imported goods at a reasonable rate, or export goods overseas, that was made possible by one small invention that revolutionized the shipping industry.

Mr. Tantlinger invented the corner casting and twist locks in the 1950's.  He passed away on Aug. 29, 2011.

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Container Corner

Container Corner