As we have mentioned on this blog before, containers have an endless list of uses for farmers and land-owners.  If you haven’t thought it before, do you have any of these needs?  Spring is coming and no doubt you’ll be busier than ever.  Containers:

  • Provide insect- and rodent-proof storage for hay and grain
  • Provide dry storage for equipment
  • Offer extra storage space without the hassle of getting another building approved for your property
  • Can be moved from location to location as your needs change
  • Provide shade for livestock if you cut out holes or sections in the walls
  • Provide the base for a root cellar or storm shelter
  • Store flammables away from other items
  • Provide temporary sow barn during farrowing.

Wind and water tight containers provide a unique solution to keep items free from pests and moisture and those larger nuisances – like trespassers, pesky teenagers, etc.  And they are fairly indestructible!

However, if you want to cut them up, they can be great options for outbuildings, hunting cabins, etc without all the fuss of getting permits.  Modify them with a kit to add in doors, windows, or pretty much anything else you would want to add to a container.

Storage in and near containers
Storage in and near containers
Great, dry storage
Great, dry storage
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