Containers are becoming the “it” thing in architecture these days, but sometimes it helps to take a step back to get a fresh perspective.  Sometimes that step back actually looking in an unlikely direction – Sudan.

The Economist featured container architecture in a piece about Sudanese architecture this week.  As foreign correspondents have been flocking to the country for their vote for splitting the country in two, journalists naturally needed a place to sleep.  Enter storage containers.  In a country that has very difficult  roads, transporting building materials can be nearly impossible.  But the container provides a ready-made box to modify and make your own.  Perhaps instead of walking a mile in someone’s shoes, journalists just needed a couple of nights in a container hotel.

These hotels, homes, stores and other structures may not have the “industrial-chic” look of fancy architecture, but they do perform a wide variety of functions at a reasonable cost for many people.  But is it comfortable? According to the author of the blog, he "spent New Year in his container and slept rather well."

Container Hotel Room
Container Hotel Room
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