Container on jobsite
Container on jobsite

The snow is melting, the ground is greening up, and you’re raring to get going on your construction projects, even after adjusting for tougher economic realities. You need to keep a lid on costs and you want to be smart about storing your tools and materials. You may have noticed that steel storage containers are being used more and more on construction sites—not just by the general contractors, but by subs as well.  That’s because they make great toolboxes, and here’s why: 1.  Reliable Security. Containers are far and away the most secure way to store tools and materials on a job site. Constructed of heavy-duty steel, they’re indestructible. Add a lockbox and only a plasma cutter could have a chance (not a common tool for the common thief).

2.  Storage Where You Need It. You can have your materials delivered directly to the job site, saving you money and hauling headaches over the long run. Everything will be kept safe and dry from Day 1 to the end of construction.

3.  Time Savings. Your workers won’t have to go back and forth from your location with company trucks or wait for co-workers to show up with the tool that got put in another guy’s truck.  Everything they need will be right on site and ready to go every morning, rain or shine.

4.  Added Work Space. On bad-weather days, you and your team can use the container as a dry workshop right on site.

5.  Mobility. When the job is done, you can move the container to your next job site … with the tools right in it. (For this, we recommend the 20’ container, easily movable by tow trucks).

Your tools will be safe, secure, and right where you need them. The cost savings will add up. And as a bonus you can paint your container with your logo and company colors—an instant on-site billboard, great for your business and a productivity booster for your team.