When you bought your cabin or hunting land, what did you visualize? For most people, getting away from the day to day grind and enjoy being in nature. For some people that is spending time on the lake or river, for others it is snowmobiling, and others want a hunting getaway. But where to store all those toys? Most cabins have smaller garages and lack the security most landowners want for when they are gone. Containers are a great solution to this problem.

Boats, waterskis, jetskis, skis, snowshoes snowmobile storage

You have all these things to enjoy the outdoors, but want to store them away from the elements. Containers are a great way to lock up your more expensive equipment. Containers are wind and water tight, insect and rodent proof, so the elements (and its critters) won't get at your equipment.

Hunting lodges

Is your land a bit more rustic? Is a cabin too cushy for your hunting with the guys? A container can be a great solution for you too. We set a container on your land. During hunting season, you have a safe, dry space to stay or even store your food and gear that will stay protected while you get out and hunt. If the weather turns, you have a big enough space to accommodate the whole crew that is dry, yet right there on your land. If you want to spruce it up a bit, you can always add in some windows, insulation, additional doors, even electricity to run off of a generator.


As much as you may love your cabin or hunting land, you can’t be there all the time. Let a container be your safe for everything you want locked up tightly in your absence.

Do you let friends and family use the cabin, but would rather they didn't use all of your things? Lock them in the container. You know everything will stay safe and sound for you to enjoy when you come up to the cabin next.

Add a lock-box, or a metal box that protects your padlock, and you have peace of mind when you are home that everything is safe and sound on your land.

And if you klutzy Uncle Fred wants to borrow your cabin, you can always let him use the cabin, but forget to give him the keys to the container. Your boat will thank you.

AuthorSuper Cubes